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Up Coming events:

The dates of the 2020 dove hunt are September 5 and 7.

Call now to book your 2020 upland bird hunt.

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Shenandoah Valley Sportsmen

about us:

    We are located on Butler Farms, in the heart of apple country near historic Martinsburg, WV.  Butler Farms is one of West Virginia's oldest and largest family farms, situated on pristine, gently rolling land along the base of North Mountain. Here,  Bill and Todd Butler own and operate the Shenandoah Valley Sportsmen.  As third and fourth generation farmers, they were brought up to value the land they worked.  Their love for the outdoors and hunting has led them to share their beautiful and unique valley with others.  Most of the staff you will meet are either relatives or young men fortunate enough to grow up working, playing and hunting on Butler Farms.

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Enjoy an outstanding hunting experience...
We are dedicated to providing outstanding upland bird hunts for all our hunters.
Hunting deer, turkey, and dove is also a great tradition here.

Guests love our lodging, dining, kennel, and recreation facilities...

Lodging is an available option for all guests, whether hunting or just relaxing.  Buffet style home cooked meals provide a great chance to make new friendships and warm up before and after each hunt.

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